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Me, You, Babies, and The West Wing

I don't post much anymore, and am currently entertaining the notion of retiring the blog. The only thing keeping me from it, is not having finished the 101 in 1001 posts -- but even that is a hard sell some days. I'm not motivated to keep it up, have no desire to start "mommy blogging," and most of the time I'm the only one reading it in the first place, but then something happens and I want to get the words out of my head, even if it's just for myself.

Like today.

101 in 1001: Number 29

Number 29: Get an hour-long massage.

Courtesy of some of my friends from church! They gave me this little gem at a baby shower back in January, and I finally used it last Friday. So nice. I think I might need another one every day, right?

Number 32: Completed May 17, 2013
101 Blog Stats: 61/101

So close, yet so far...

101 in 1001: Number 32

Number 32: Complete my Simple Diary.

This should not have taken 3 years and 3 months to finish. I mean, I don't even think there are a year's worth of entries in this thing. Alas... I would forget about it for a few months, pick it back up for a couple of days, then forget about it again. It wasn't until January (of this year) that I set it out on the coffee table so I'd remember to fill in my daily answers -- and I STILL forgot some days. Oops. Sad thing is, I really like this type of journal. Oh, well. All done now. I wonder if there's a Volume Two?

Number 32: Completed April 15, 2013
101 Blog Stats: 60/101

Not so simple, apparently!
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