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Week 1: Indie Travel Challenge 2012 #indie2012

I loved doing the 30 Days of Indie Travel with BootsnAll.com, so I'm really excited about their new blog-fest, the 2012 Travel Challenge. They're tackling one prompt per week for the next year, and I plan to join in the fun -- I'm sure you knew that's where this was going. More than anything, I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with, and maybe get some travel inspiration along the way!

BootsnAll, Travel Challenge 2012

Week 1: Resolutions

This year, let’s not just resolve to “travel more” let’s resolve to have amazing indie travel experiences. Resolve to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat, or to walk on a glacier in Patagonia. Resolve to eat your weight in cheese in Provence, and dance the tango in Buenos Aires. Resolve to seek out experiences that immerse you into a new culture, challenge your beliefs, push your comfort zone, delight your senses, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

So we’re issuing a challenge: share with us your indie travel list – part resolutions, part bucket list, the list should help you focus your travel plans so you can take concrete steps to achieve your travel goals this year (and beyond).


Actually, I kind of hate New Year's Resolutions. I don't know why... maybe it has something to do with not being a huge fan of all the hoopla that surrounds New Year's in the first place, or seeing people's "resolutions" turn into wishes more than anything else. I like goals. I like plans. But something about the word "resolutions" always throws me off.

However, I find myself loving the way "RESOLVE" is used in the first part of the challenge. It's so much stronger and more final. Resolutions are characterized by falling off the wagon, but resolve requires action.

2012 Travel Resolves:
1. To watch the sun set over the caldera in Santorini
2. To scratch the name of a 911 hero onto paper at the 911 Memorial in NYC
3. To have a meal at SatCo. in my lovely Nashville
4. To walk around Harvard in the fall
5. To visit Downton Abbey

Fingers crossed and dollars saved!


Kym said...

oh, i adore #1. and i've always wanted to visit nashville, as one of my best friends lived there once and fell lin love with it.

and i absolutely see resolutions the same way you do. instead of making new ones every year, i opt to live very intentionally every day. it gave me a magical 2011 around the world and i anticipate an extraordinary 2012 full of dreams realized.

best wishes to you and what's in store !

Brooke said...


Love the intentional ideal -- it's so much easier in the long run that weighing yourself down with resolutions that may or may not work out.

Sounds (and looks, from your blog) like you had a great year last year. Cheers to what's to come.

And definitely get back to Nashville. I lived there for a year and miss it infinitely.

lizzybennet said...

I love your plan to visit DA. But do you really mean coming to Europe this year??

trekking in india said...

The Himalayas, home of the snow, is the most impressive system of mountains on the earth, and for centuries the setting for epic feats of exploration.

Milady said...

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